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For years families have sought the natural beauty and authenticity that come from displaying a live tree in the home at Christmas time. Many people have become dissatisfied with the sacrifices necessary for supporting and maintaining live trees. Factors such as having to repurchase, transport, water, clean-up and dispose of live trees year after year have driven consumers to seek out better options.

Christmas Trees featuring Lifelike TruTip™ technology offer consumers the natural beauty and organic experience they desire without the seasonal sacrifices. TruTip™ trees are designed to look and feel like real Christmas trees. Each TruTip™ branch is carefully crafted through a special manufacturing process where Christmas tree tips are custom molded from textured polyethylene (PE) into the true shape and color of actual trees found in the forest. The products resulting from this process are exquisitely accurate and genuinely capture the true likeness of forest grown trees. In the end, TruTip™ Christmas trees not only free the senses, but free up their owners as well.


TruTip™ Christmas Tree Families

TruTip™ technology is used in the most popular artificial Christmas trees families. Look for the TruTip™ logo in these signature tree collections:

  • Fraser Fir
  • Noble Fir
  • Carolina Fir
  • Canadian Fir
  • Hunter
  • Aspen Fir
  • Balsam Fir
  • Colorado Pine


How TruTip™ Christmas Trees Are Made

Read more about TruTip™ Technology to find out how TruTip™ Christmas trees are brought to life.

Tip Diagram

Need help with Christmas tree anatomy? Check out our handy TruTip™ Tip Diagram

TruTip Tree Diagram

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