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TruTip Christmas Tree tips
Noble TruTip™ Christmas Tree Tips

How We Create Lifelike Tips & Branches

Polyethylene (PE) plastic is a popular alternative to PVC, which can be custom molded into a shape and texture consistent with tips and branches found on live, forest-grown trees. The true shape, texture and color of live tree tips and branches are replicated with a high degree of accuracy at TruTip™ manufacturing facilities by injecting PE material into precisely crafted molds while carefully incorporating pigments using a detailed coloration process. To create the proper feel and texture, the base compound can be altered to produce a harder, sharper needle or a softer, smoother one (depending upon the live model). All visual and tactile characteristics of live needles and branches are taken into consideration in every TruTip™ design so that they end result is no less than a lifelike Christmas tree which looks and feels like the real thing.

TruTip™ & The Environment: Reducing Waste

The manufacturers of lifelike TruTip™ products are keenly concerned about the energy used and waste produced during the manufacturing process including its impact on the environment. The PE material used to produce TruTip™ Christmas trees is unique in that all of the left-over material can be melted down and recycled to produce other necessary packaging such as bubble wrap and plastic bags. Taking advantage of all of our product remnants not only makes good business sense, but also makes for a more effective use of our planet's resources, allowing us to become better stewards of the environment.

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